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  Hunan University of Technology(HUT) is a multi-disciplinary university and one of the universities of the “training program of Doctors who serve nation’s special needs”. HUT embraces more than 50 years’ education experience. HUT was renamed from Zhuzhou Institute of Technology under the permission of the Ministry of Education in February, 2006 and mergered with Zhuzhou Normal College and Hunan Metallurgical Professional Technology College in the same year.

  With packaging education as its characteristic, HUT became the first member in China accepted by the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes

(IAPRI). HUT is the Unit Director of China Packaging Education Committee, and the only university in China which is the vice-president of China Packaging Federation and the training center of China Packaging Technology.

As one of the first group of universities, HUT passed the the undergraduate education evaluation of former State Education Commission. Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council permitted HUT to be the unit granting Master's Degrees in 2003. The Ministry of Education awarded HUT as one of the outstanding universities in the undergraduate teaching assessment in 2008. HUT was authorized to recruit international students since 2009, passed the evaluation of graduate students training process with distinction in 2010, was awared one of the top 50 universities in China for graduate employment in 2013, and was permitted to recruit candidates of the “training program of Doctors who serve nationa's special needs” in the end of 2013, and began to recruit doctors in 2014.

HUT is composed of 2 campuses, covering an area of 3,853.7 acres. The new library covers an area of 55,430.29 m2 , with a collection of more than 2.425 million books. HUT owns teaching and research facilities which cost more than 281 million yuan, 6,278 teaching computers, along with advanced computer network system, standard plastic track and field playground, gymnasium and all kinds of sports ground for physical education.

HUT owns 22 schools and one independent college. A scientific system, in which engineering is the leading discipline and engineering, science, management, liberal arts, economics, laws, education and arts develop coordinately, has been established. In HUT, there are 1 “training program of Doctors who serve nationa’s special needs”, 69 undergraduate programs; 1 national and 5 provincial teaching teams; 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 6 provincial experimental demonstration laboratory teaching center of basic subjects; 5 national characteristic specialties and 11 provincial, 5 provincial key majors, 6 national fine courses and 17 provincial ones. There are 31,192 full-time students, including 1,570 graduate students.

In HUT, there are 2,370 faculty members, including 1,822 teacheres. 242 of them are professors, 519 are associate professors, 273 are doctors (Ph.D.), 15 are Ph.D. tutors, and 360 are master’s tutors; 8 State Council Experts for special allowance, 1 Outstanding Expert of Hunan Province, 5 National Outstanding Teachers, 4 Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 3 Famous Teacher of Hunan Province, 71 Young Core Teacher of Hunan Province, 16 people in the “121 Talents Program ” of Hunan Province, 4 people in “100 People Propram” of Hunan Province, 9 people being academic leaders of Hunan Province; HUT employs 6 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

HUT owns 5 key disiplines of Hunan Province: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. HUT established 10 key laboratories (“Application of Green Package and Bionanotechnology”, “Advanced Packaging Material and Technology” etc.) and 7 research centers (“Product Packaging Innovation Industrial Design Center”, “Pacaking Design Arts and Technology Research Center”, etc.) at the provincial and ministerial level. HUT set up “Building Wall Energy Saving New Materials” engineering and technological research center of Hunan Province with Hunan NO.5 Engineering CO., LTD and Zhuzhou Xiawan Building Materials CO., LTD. HUT also established “Cultivation and Innovation Base of Colleges and Universities of Hunan Province” and “Cooperation by Production, Study and Research Demonstration Base of Colleges and Universities of Hunan Province” with CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd.

In recent years, HUT has undertaken 10 national scientific research projects and 235 provincial projects, 1 of which have won national science and technology progress awards, and 41 won provincial ones. In HUT, there are 5 key provincial-level disciplines and 10 key laboratories at the provincial and ministerial level and 13 research base (technology centers included)at the provincial and ministerial level. Meanwhile, 12,407 academic research papers have been published and 971 of them are indexed by SCI , EI, ISTP, etc. HUT undertakes 117 national scientific programs and 1,223 programs at the provincial and ministerial level;

HUT won 4 national award of science and technology advancement, 1 Hunan Natural Sciences award, 73 science and technology award at the provincial and ministerial level, and got 766 patent.

HUT found Dongguan Packaging college in Guangdong as the practical teaching base and a window open to all the one who has human resource service demand in coastal areas. HUT established “Joint Research Center of Global Low Carbon City” with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, finished the ranking of Chinese low carbon cities under research into more than one hundred cities and publish Green Book about Chinese Low Carbon Cities every year since 2011. HUT signed comprehensive agreement concerning scientific and technical cooperation with Zhuzhou Municipal Government and organized 11 program leaders to sign cooperation agreement by production, study and research with units concerned in Zhuzhou. HUT established comprehensive cooperation with national famous high-tech coperation like Zhuzhou CSR Times Group and national priority area like Zhuzhou Qing Shuitang Recycling Economy Demonstration Plot. Yet international academic conferences like CHIPF 2010- China packaging education exhibition are also undertaken in HUT.

Up till now, HUT formed extensive cooperation in scientific research and communication in academic exchange with Michigan State University of the U.S., Fachhochschule Stuttgar of Germanyt, UNIVERSITE DE REIMS, of France, Yonsel University of Korea, City University of Hongkong, Hongkong Polytecnic University etc. And we train the doctorial candidates with more than 10 domestic colleges and universities such as Southeast University and Central South University.

With “strive for Virtue and Knowledge, and Live in Harmony with Difference, and our university spirit --- Be virtuous, dedicated, realistic and innovative”, together with foot holding in Hunan and facing the whole nation, now HUT is taking the initiative to serve the new industrialization in Hunan and the modernization of packaging service in China. And we will keep making its due contribution to provide the country with solid, versatile, efficient and qualified senior specialized talents who equips with innovation spirit and ability of practice. Over the 50 years’ education, more than 210,000 high-quality students graduated from HUT, among which there were outstanding alumni such as Liu Zhenwu and Zhou Bohua. Employment rate of graduates ranked top among universities in Hunan in recent 5 years. Nowadays, HUT is trying its best to build the university into a well-known, province advanced with high level of teaching and researching.