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Notice on Prevention and Control of Pneumonia

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Notice on Prevention and Control of Pneumonia

Caused by New Coronavirus Infection

To all the international students of Hunan University of Technology:

January 29th, 2020

Dearinternational students:

It is currently the crucial time in China to fight against the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection. In order to prevent and control the epidemic of this deadly disease effectively, we hereby issue a notice to all the international students of Hunan University of Technology as follows. All the international students of Hunan University of Technology shall follow all these instructions and rules strictly and pay special attention to your health.

1.Reduce any unnecessary travel.Keep fromgoingoutside asmuchas you can. Don’t get together and dine together. Don’t go to the crowded places and avoidgoing to anyenclosed public placesif you can.

2.Develop healthy living habits. Keep your room clean and well ventilated. Remember to wear a medical mask when you have to go outside, and wash your hands frequently to keep your hands free from viruses.

3.Pay close attention to your health. Pay special attention when you have a fever and cough andreporttotheuniversityhospitalas soon as possible. Report your physical conditions to your student tutor or department leaders every day.

4.Implementing a morning and afternoon inspection system. Beginning from January 24, 2020, every day all the relevant school with international students shall record all the international students’ physical conditions in the morning and in the afternoon and fill in the Registration Form of Morning and Afternoon Inspection. Any exceptional or abnormal situation shall be reported to the university hospital immediately.The Outpatient consultation telephone of the university hospitalis22183122.

5.Strengthen campus access management. Persons and vehicles entering and leaving the campus are strictly controlled.Anybodyenteringor gettingout of thecampusmust showtheireffective identification certificatessuch as the student card.

6.No international student can leave the campus without permission from your student tutor or department leaders.

7.International students staying on campus can go and dine inthe No.1 Dining Hall of the universityfromJanuary 31, 2020when meals will be provided from then on.

8.No international student out of Zhuzhou City in the winter vacation is allowed to return to the campus earlier than the ending of the winter vacation, which may be extended and announced accordingly on the website ofhttp://gjjlc.hut.edu.cn/as well as in your emails. Please check the information of the ending of the winter vacation and plan your trip back to the campus according to the new announcements.

Best wishes to you all and stay healthy and well.

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

Hunan University of Technology