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Good News:26 HUT Teachers are Accepted by CSC 2019 Programmes

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ByAugust 2019, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) has announced the list of 2019 CSCapplicants sent abroad for overseas study, and a total of 26 teachers from the University have been accepted with qualifications. They will go to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Belgium to conduct further study visits.

In order to accelerate the cultivation of local talents in urgent need and high-level talents, and to support the development of local economy, society and education and scientific research, the China Scholarship Council, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, has established the Official Senior Research Scholar Programme, the Visiting Scholar Programme, the Postdoctoral Programme, and Local Cooperation Programme.

These programmes are in the key areas of economic and social development identified in theNational Medium and Long Term Talent Development Plan (2010-2020). They are also the key areas, major projects, frontier technologies and basic research identified in theNational Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020), areas in the humanities and social sciences, and other areas of urgent need for national strategies and the development of important industries.

Since January 2019, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange has been working in strict accordance with documents from superior departments by widely publicizing these programmes and actively launching selection over the whole University. Through the procedure of individual application, strict evaluation, and approval by the University leadership, several applicants were recommended to the superior host department for further selection. This year, a total of 17 teachers applied for the 2019 China Scholarship Council (CSC) Senior Research Scholar and Visiting Scholar (including post-doctoral) Programme/host institution or individual cooperation channels, and 14 were accepted, registering an acceptance rate of 82%. 13 teachers applied for the 2019 CSC Local Cooperation Programme (host institution or individual cooperation channels), and 12 were accepted, reaching an acceptance rate of 92%. In total, 26 teachers were successfully accepted, a record highintheUniversity.

Sending teachers abroad for training is an important measure of theUniversity's internationaldevelopmentand talentcultivationstrategy. TheInternationalCooperation andExchangeOfficewill further broaden the dispatch channelsandhelpHUTteachers apply forthe China Scholarship Council's Study Abroad Programmes.Thisisthewaytofurtherelevatethe internationalization of the University andimprovetheability of co-running schools with overseas universities.