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Exchange Between HUT and Seisen University Yields Promising Results

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In 2016, an agreement on cooperation and exchange was signed between Hunan University of Technology and Seisen University in Japan and hence undergraduate students on the 2+2 exchange programme were sent to theJapaneseuniversity in the same year.ByJanuary, 2020, a total of 21 students have been sent in four batches to the university for exchange studies.Now, this cooperation and exchange has yielded promising results.

The first batch of five students graduated in the autumn of 2018. Three of them obtained the Level-1 Certificate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and some of them are now working in Japanese companies. The second batch of seven students have all obtained the Level-1 Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test and graduated in 2019. Four of them have been admitted to master's degree programmes at Japanese universities. Tan Lu, Song Shuhua and Pan Ting have been admitted to the accounting programme at Kansai University and Zhou Chenfang has been admitted to at Ryukoku University for international studies.

The third batch of eight students is expected to graduate in the autumn of 2020. Fang Yuchen has obtained five credentials within one year and hence was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education while Zou Shi has obtained four credentials. Wang Xi was electedPresident of the Alumni Association for International Students at Seisen University. The fourth batch of students on the 2019 exchange programme has already started their studies.

Accordingto the International Exchange Centre of Seisen University, HUT students have excelled in their studies in Japan and have obtained a number of credentials in bookkeeping, Excel,and the Business Psychology Examination, etc. They set good examples for academic studies within the university.

Since the signing of the agreement, with a vision for cultivating talents with international competence, both sides have attached great importance to the cooperation programme and continue to deepen their cooperation and exchanges. HUT is currently sending students majoring in Japanese from the School of Foreign Languages to Seisen University.Thesestudentsimprove their language proficiency in Japan meanwhile they expand their knowledge and abilities on various fields, such as business management, accounting, marketing and psychology at Seisen University. They grow into versatile talents through acquiring professionalism in the process of language learning, which is coined as “Japanese +” scheme.

HUT International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the School of Foreign Languages and relevant departments have attached great importance to this exchange programme with massive support. The two universities, taking these fruitful results as a starting point, strive to make new breakthroughs in joint training of outstanding students, cultural exchanges and the training of proficient teachers.