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Good News: 10 HUT Faculty Members are Granted with Overseas Visiting Qualifications by China Scholarship Council in 2020

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In recent years, the International Cooperation and Exchange Officehascloselyfollowedthe statestrategyto furtherspeeduplocal and high-level talentscultivation, andbolsterlocal economic, social, educational and scientific research development. Hence, the Office continues to broaden channels for dispatching talents abroad. It also actively selects and recommends talents with international competence for key areas, major specialized programmes, frontier technologies, basic research, humanities and social science fields, as well as other national strategies and important industry development areas in urgent need, identified in the state medium and long-term talent development plans and the state medium and long-term science and technology development plans.

In the first half of 2020, 15 teachers were recommended to apply for the 2020 senior research scholars, visiting scholars and postdoctoral projects (through host institute or individual cooperation channels) of China Scholarship Council through the process of personal application, strict review and approval by the University officials. 10 teachers were finally approved with the qualification, namely 5 to the United States, 4 to the United Kingdom and 1 to Denmark. Thishasfurther expandedtheUniversity’s internationalinteractionand communication with overseas universities.