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A Celebration Meeting for the New Semester and the Mid-Autumn Festival is Held for Foreign Teachers

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On the afternoon of September 28,the OfficeofInternational Cooperation and Exchange held an informal meeting for foreign teachers with the theme of "Welcoming the new semester and celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival". The event was attended by international teachers and heads of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Foreign Cultural Experience Centre in the School of Foreign Languages.

Peng Liyuan, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, firstly extended holiday greetings to the foreign teachers, and then thanked all the foreign teachers for their support for pandemic prevention and work in the University since the outbreak of Covid-19. Also, his gratitude went to foreign teachers and other personnel returning to Hunan from abroad, for they had worked hard to restart classes in the new semester amid challenges and difficulties.

Director Peng Liyuan then introduced to the foreign teachers recent changes in the University, requirements and management of the new semester, and encouraged them to recommend more quality teaching resources and outstanding foreign teachers to the University.

Foreign teachers shared their teaching and work experience since the pandemic, and thanked the University for its timely care and concern, especially at this special time. With the theme of "Mid-Autumn Festival", all participants talked freely about their experiences and gains from working and living in Zhuzhou.

In the end, teachersresponsible for the Foreign Cultural Experience Centre introduced the centre and various cultural exchange activities to foreign teachers. They will continue to involve foreign teachers in various teams and activities of the centre so as to enhance cross-cultural communication. Through the centre, they want to build a bridge for foreign teachers to communicate with all the faculty and students of the University to cultivate an international, dynamic and versatile campus.

General information about the Foreign Cultural Experience Centre

Located in 203 of the School of Foreign Languages, the Foreign Cultural Experience Centre has a room for cultural experience of English-speaking countries, a room for Japanese cultural experience, a mini library of English and Japanese books, a cafeteria and a panorama glass room for cross-cultural activities. The centre has teams for intercultural communication and teachers with international background. It aims to build up students’ abilities in public speaking, drama, and translation, etc. by organizing activities for experiential learning, expositions on foreign culture and academic exchanges.

International teachers and headsof the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Foreign Cultural Experience Centre

Participants exchanged freely on the Mid-Autum Festival