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The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Takes Concrete Measures Among Foreign Teachers to Prevent Covid-19

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In January 2021, HUT Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, in accordance with the requirements of the "Notice on Further Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Pandemic in Winter and Spring", and taking into account the actual situation of six foreign teachers staying in the university for the New Year, introducedsubstantial measures concerning the prevention and control of Covid-19pandemic during the winter vacation.

At theregularmeeting with foreign teachers at the end of this semester,theOfficethoroughlyinformedthem ofknowledgeand requirements regarding thepandemic prevention and control, cleared out relevant queries and doubts from foreign teachers, and fully carried out measures about pandemic prevention and control.

The latest important documents and notices, namelyNotice on Safety Precautions during the Chinese New Year's Day and Spring Festival in 2021,Zhu Pandemic Prevention Group Notice [2021] No. 1 Notice on Strict Precautions against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Pandemic during the Spring Festival, andALetter to Foreign Friends from the Hunan Foreign Affairs Office for the Chinese New Year in 2021, were compiled into aWinter Vacation Pandemic Prevention and Control Manualfor Foreign Teachers at Hunan University of Technology, which was distributed together with the English version of theNational Health Commission's Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Treatment Protocol (Trial Version 8)and the "Health Pack" (masks, disinfectant alcohol, thermometers and relevant brochures).

On the eve of the vacation, the Office visited two foreign teachers’ residence and extended gratitude to them and their families for support of HUT pandemic preventionmeasures. Considering their travel plans, the Office informed them of the Universitypandemic prevention requirements, which receivedtheirsupport andunderstanding.

On February 2nd, forthethree staying-on-campusforeign teachers, a meeting was held to emphasizepandemicpreventionsduring the winter vacation.TheOfficelearntabout the prevention facilities, living conditions and disinfectionoftheir residence, as well as their eating and cooking habits. The Office reminded them to take precautionary measures for food and residential hygiene, ensured their routine residential disinfection, and also raised their awareness that everyone takes a share in preventing another pandemic outbreak.

Professor Peng Liyuan, Director oftheOffice, explained and called attention to measures for pandemic prevention and control among foreign teachers staying on campus.

Subsequently, the Office will continue to work for the overall pandemic prevention and control measures in the University and be highly responsible for foreign teachers’ health by raising their risk awareness and going all out to ensure responsive implementation of pandemic prevention and control work.