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On New Year’s Eve International Students Receive Care and Concern from HUT Officials

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On February 11, HUTCPCCommittee Secretary Tan Yimin, President Liu Yang, VicePresidentLi Ruomei,VicePresidentYu Huijun andVicePresidentLong Yonghong spenttheLunar New Year's Eve, with 27 undergraduates, 3 postgraduates and 20 international students staying in the University during the winter vacation.

Secretary Tan Yimin said he was glad to gather with the students welcoming the new year on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox. He also extended his best wishes to the students and teachers staying on campus. He nicely reminded them to keep in frequent contact with their families, and balance between work and leisure in constant pursuit of self-excellence through combining academic learning and physical exercise.

President Liu Yang said that he was more than happy to stay with everyone greeting the Spring Festival by giving his best wishes through genuine blessings. He hoped that the students would make best use of their holidays through thorough planning and better prepare themselves for the upcoming semester with a sharp and refreshed mind and a stronger body.

Vice President Li Ruomei encouraged the students to strive for self-improvement with the best expectations for future, always bear in mind their commitment and social responsibility, stick to their dreams with wisdom and rationality, and finally create their own splendour in this new era.

The University officialssentabundant supplies and New Year’s gift packages to the students. They also prepared the Spring Festival couplets, Fu(meaning luck in Chinese)characters and the New Year's Eve dinner with dumplings. At the New Year's Party entitled "New Year's Eve, Love from HUT ", international students were encouraged to further improve their Chinese and experiencemoreaboutChinese culture through various activities,such as quick-quizzes on Chinese cultural knowledge, rush answers to the Spring Festival customs, dumpling making andotherinteractiveactivitiesbetween international students and Chinese students.