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Delegation from Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology visits HUT

Author: [Time]:2017-10-20 [From]: [Visit]:

Oct 17th, 2017, President Tan Yimin met Liam Selon, the President of Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, with China Program Coordinator Yang Naiqi, the meeting was hold by Vice President Fan Xiaoyang, the relevant people who came from International Cooperation and Exchange Office, International College, Financial Department were attended in this meeting.

President Tan Yimin gave a warm welcome to the visit by President liam Sloan. The two sides introduced the latest developments of their respective schools, especially in the fields of

cooperation, education, cooperation and personnel training. Mr. Tan pointed out that he hoped that the two universities would cooperate more in the fields of professional development, teacher exchanges and student dispatch based on the existing cooperation foundation.

During the visit, the delegation also have a deep discussion with International Cooperation and Exchange Office and Inthernational College about professional teaching, teacher management, credits and courses certification. And for cooperative education, they also have launched the detailed discussion and both sides said they would efforts to promote and ensure cooperation projects run smoothly.