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Lincoln county council member Colin Davie visited our University

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In the morning of 14thOct, 2017, Lincoln County Councilman Colin David, led Lincolnshire Council Economics Commissioner Justin Brown, the professor in University of Lincoin County, the director of Agriculture, Food Science and Technology Research Institute Simon Pearson, Lincoln County Agricultural Food Science and TechnologyResearchInstitute Experts Martin Collison, the Advanced Manufacturing Industry, Senior Consultant Kevin Rose,the China association of consultants about Lincoinshire Rob Avery Phipps and Yang Tiedong, with the provincial foreign affairs commissioner Yin Bidan were visited our University. President Tan Yimin and Vice President Fan Xiaoyang met with the guests, the director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office,the relevant managers about Academic office, Techology office, Graduate College, Electrical and Mechanical Institution, Biochemistry institution, Traffic Engineering Institute, Packaging and Materials Institution were invited to attend the meeting,


President Tan gave a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced the overall situation of Hunan University of Technology from Educational, advantage of scale, professional characteristics, the teachers and students and the cooperation with the British universities. President Tan also pointed out that Hunan Province and the British Lincolnshire became friendlyprovinces in 2017, and this year is the Lincolnshire - Hunan activity plan and looking forward to seize the precious opportunity to deepen the cooperation of both sides and Our Universityl will be fully engaged in both sides of the cooperation and communication, and hope to have further cooperation in the field of culture, education, scientific research. Especially in our University,in packaging, mechanical, electrical, automation, rail transportation, food safety, and other areas of the project has a huge advantage, he also looking forward to deepen cooperation in these areas, and The combination of the university and industry, to strengthen students’ communication and create new cooperation mode, to enhance the level of the two universities cooperation with social and economic service ability.