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Fan Xiaoyang:Vice President

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Name: Fan Xiaoyang
Sex: Male
Ethnic group: Han
Native place: Chaling , Hunan
Date of birth: August, 1965
Political affiliation: Party member of the CPC
Education qualification: Bachelor
Position and title: Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee, Vice President, professor

Education background and work experience:

In 1984, he graduated from Tianjin Business School (Tianjin Commercial University), and assigned to Hunan Provincial School of Finance and Accounting;
Since 1986, he has served as deputy Chief of the Department of Educational Affairs, the Chief of the Department and the committee member of the Party of Hunan Finance and Accounting School
In 1996, he was the vice chancellor of Hunan Finance and Accounting School.
In 2002, he was the chancellor of Hunan Finance and Accounting School.
In 2004, he was dean of College of Finance and Accounting, Zhuzhou Institute of Technology (from 2005 to 2007, he studied in Wuhan University, and received master's degree in management);
In 2007, he served as director of Audit Department, Hunan University of Technology;
In 2012, he served as director of Treasury, Hunan University of Technology;
In 2016, he was a member of the Party Committee and vice chancellor of Hunan University of Technology;
He is in charge of the Personnel Department, Modern Education Centre and International Cooperation and Exchange office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs office);
He is responsible for contacting College of Foreign Languages and College of International Studies.
He has won the honors of Excellent Teacher in the National Financial System, Excellent Teacher of Hunan Province and Advanced Individual of Internal Audit of Hunan Province from 2008 to 2010. He is a senior accountant judge of Hunan Province and vice chancellor of Zhuzhou Accounting Society.

Research direction: accounting theory.