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Li Kexing:Vice President

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Name: Li Kexing
Sex: Male
Ethnic group: Han
Native place: Chaling , Hunan
Date of birth: 1964
Political affiliation: Party member of the CPC
Education qualification: doctoral graduate student
Position and title: Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee, Vice President, professor , master supervisor

Education background and work experience:
In June 1989, he graduated from the College of Physical Education of Hunan normal University and was assigned to work in Zhuzhou No. 8 Middle School in the same year.
In September 1992, he was transferred to Zhuzhou Institute of Education (Zhuzhou Teachers College). He served as deputy head of the Department of Security, head of Student Section, Secretary of the League Committee of the Zhuzhou Institute of Education.
In 1999, he served as director of Student Affairs of Zhuzhou Teachers College. In 2006, he promoted as professor.
From April 2004 to April 2005, he was a visiting scholar at College of Physical Education of South China Normal University.
In January 2009, Zhuzhou Teachers College was incorporated into Hunan University of Technology. He has served as director of Student Affairs and director of Personnel Department of Hunan University of Technology.
He graduated from Hunan normal University in June 2011, majoring in Sports Humanities and Sociology, and received doctorate degree in Education.
From September 2013 to January 2014, he graduated from the 45th training class for young and middle-aged cadres of Hunan Provincial Party School.
In January 2016, he became a member of the Party Committee and vice chancellor of Hunan University of Technology. He is in charge of the Treasury, the Security office (office of Integrated Management), the Museum of History and Packaging,College of Science and Technology, and College of Architecture and Urban and Rural Planning.
He has published two academic works and published more than 30 academic papers in journals such as Journal of Beijing Sport University, Journal of Physical Education, Journal of Sports Culture, Journal of Renmin University of China, etc. He has presided over 5 projects under the Hunan Social Science Foundation, and Hunan Social Science Achievements Review Committee. He won second prize of Hunan excellent teaching achievements for two times.
Research direction: sports culture, school sports theory and practice.