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Zhu Heping:Principal Assistant

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Name: Zhu Heping
Sex: Male
Ethnic group: Han
Native place: Xiangxiang, Hunan
Date of birth: 1965
Political affiliation: Party member of the CPC
Education qualification: doctoral graduate
Position and title: Principal Assistant, professor,doctoral supervisor
Education background and work experience:
From 1983 to 1994, he studied in Xiangtan University, Zhengzhou University and Wuhan University, and obtained bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees.
From 1994 to 1998, he taught in Zhengzhou University
In 1999, he was transferred to the former Zhuzhou Institute of Technology. He served as director of College of Packaging Design Art and director of the Chancellor office.
In March 2009, he was an assistant of the chancellor of Hunan University of Technology. He assisted vice chancellor Wang Lihua in his work. He is in charge of College of Mechanical Engineering. He is an expert on the special allowance list of the State Council.
In 2002 he was selected as the 100 Engineering Experts of Hunan Provincial Social Sciences.
In 2004 he was awarded the title of China's Outstanding Teachers;
In 2005, he was approved as the leader in the art discipline of Hunan Province. In 2006 he was as the Excellent Teacher of Hunan Province. In 2007 he was selected as the candidate for 121 Talents Project of Hunan Province.
He presided over more than 10 projects under National Art and Science Planning Group, National Ancient Book Planning Leading Group, humanities and social sciences research projects under the Ministry of Education and other projects under the Ministry of Science and Technology. He has published 13 monographs and edited more than 100 kinds of general teaching materials. Among them, 3 books are selected as the national 11th Five-Year teaching materials. He published more than 100 papers, of which more than 10 works won the second, third and excellent prize of the provincial Excellent Award, and the second prize of the provincial Teaching Achievement for 4 times.
Research direction: design art history and theory.