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Zhang Yadong:Party Committee member, Discipline Committee Secretary, professor and doctoral supervisor

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Name: Zhang Yadong
Sex: Male
Ethnic group: Han
Native place: Xiangxiang, Hunan
Date of birth: May 1963
Political affiliation: Party member of the CPC
Education qualification: doctoral graduate student
Position and title: Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee,commission for discipline inspection, professor , doctoral supervisor

Education background and work experience:

In June 1985, he graduated from the history department of Central China Normal University with a bachelor's degree in history. In March, 2004, he graduated from the History Department of Nanjing University, majoring in world history and received a doctorate in history

Since 1999, he has served as deputy director of the Scientific Research Department of Xiangtan Normal University and director of the Graduate office. He has also served as deputy director of the Public Relations Department of Hunan University of Science and Technology and director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs office. He also holds the post of executive deputy director of Hunan University of Science and Technology, Secretary-General of Alumni Association and Secretary-General of Education Foundation. From May 2002 to January 2004, he was a visiting scholar at the Faculty of History, Reading University, United Kingdom; From September to October 2005, he studied university operations management at Ritsumeikan University in Japan; From November 2009 to November 2010, he was a visiting fellow at College of Business, University of West Scotland in the United Kingdom.

In January 2016, he became a member of the CPC Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hunan University of Technology. He is in charge of the overall work of College Discipline Inspection Commission, the Discipline Inspection Commission office, Supervision Department, and contacts College of Civil Engineering.

In recent years, he has published 7 monographs and published more than 30 articles. He has won the honors of Advanced Individual under the Ministry of Education, National Scientific Research and Management, and he has won two Hunan Social Sciences Achievement Awards and Hunan Province Excellent Teaching Achievements Award. Also, he presided over 5 projects under the National Social Science Foundation and Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Foundation. He is selected as the subject leader of the colleges and universities of Hunan Province.

Research direction: British history, world economic history, and world Modernization process.

He is also a member of the Subject Review Group of Hunan Academic Degree Committee, the Executive director and vice chancellor of China World Modern History Research Society, the Executive director and Secretary General of the Chinese British History Research Society, and the Executive director and deputy Secretary-general of Hunan History Society.