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International Admissions Programs

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1.School of Packaging and Material Engineering

Bachelor: Packaging Engineering, Printing Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Master: Physical Chemistry of Materials, Material Science, Material Processing Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Materials Engineering

2.School of Packaging Design and Art

Bachelor: Product Design, Environment Art Design, Visual Communication Design, Arts and Media, Cartoon, Art Design

Master: Art Science,Design Science, Art Design

3.School of Metallurgy and Material Engineering

Bachelor: Metallurgical Engineering, Metallic Materials Engineering,Inorganic Nonmetal Material Engineering

Master: Metallurgical Material Engineering,Metallurgical Engineering

4.School of Civil Engineering

Bachelor: Civil Engineering, Architectural Environment & Energy Application Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

Master: Geo-technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

5.School of Computer Science

Bachelor: Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering

Master: Computer System Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, Electronic Communication Engineering

6.School of Electrical and Information Engineering

Bachelor: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentation

Master: Motor and Electrical, Power System and Automation, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, Electrical Theory and New Technology, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering

7.School of Traffice Engineering

Bachelor: Electronic Science and technology, Information Engineering

Master: Electrical engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering

8.School of Life Science and Chemistry

Bachelor: Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology

Master: Biomedical Engineering

9.School of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor: Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, Material Formation and Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design

Master: Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

10.School of City and Environment

Bachelor: Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, Natural Geography and Resource Environment, Environmental Ecological Engineering

Master: Green Packaging and low Carbon Management, Residential Environment Design

11.School of Science

Bachelor: Information and Computing Science, Applied Physic, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Electronic Information Science and Technology

Master: Mathematics, Networked Control System

12.School of Business

Bachelor: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Management, Public Service Administration, Information Management and Information System

Master: Management Science and Engineering, Regional Ecosystem Management, Accounting, Business Management, Tourism Management, Logistics Engineering, Public Management

13.School of Economics and Trade

Bachelor: Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Engineering, International Economy and Trade, Investment Science

Master: Accounting

14.Schoool of Literature & Journalism

Bachelor: Advertising, Journalism, Chinese Language and Literature, Drama, Film and Television Literature

Master: Drama, Film and Television Literature, Radio and Television

15.School of Laws

Bachelor: Law

Master: Law Theory, Constitution and Administrative Jurisprudence, Criminal Jurisprudence, Civil and Commercial Law, International Law

16.School of Foreign Languages

Bachelor: English, Translation, Japanese

Master: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

17.School of Physical Education

Bachelor: Physical Education, Leisure Sports Administration, Sports Training

Master: Physical Education, Leisure Sports Administration,

18.School of Music

Bachelor: Musicology, Dance Performance

Master: Drama and Film and Television Music, Music, Dance