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The Library of Hunan University of Technology consists of two branch libraries. The newer one in Tianyuan district campus is the main library while another is situated in Lusong district campus. The total building area of two libraries covers an area of 43, 620 square meters. Of particular notice, the area of the main library reaches 36, 720 square meters, which is the largest single building library in Hunan Province.

The library has 2.425 million copies of Chinese and foreign paper books, 128, 000 copies of Chinese and foreign language periodicals, 750, 000 volumes of electronic books, 68 databases of Chinese and foreign languages, and the total amount of digital resources is 38TB. The library is divided into 13 stacks and 18 reading rooms with 4463 seats available to read books and periodicals and 248 seats in computer reading room. Integrated the function as collection, reading services, exhibition and database retrieval, the library is open to all students and teachers. Wireless network covers the entire library, where readers can use mobile phones, IPAD and laptops to surf the Internet freely.

There are 84 employees in the library, including 3 doctorates, 14 masters and 49 bachelors. Among all the staff, there are 5 professors, 3 master tutors, 25 associate professors, and 38 lecturers. The library consists of 9 departments currently, namely, collection and editing department, technical department, information service department, lending department, press department, collection and maintenance department, special collection department, office and a branch library.

At present, the library is creating its own characteristic resource base: the celebrity library room and the packaging literature reading room, in order to provide better service for school talents training and scientific research, and to further expand the social influence of the library.

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