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The office of international cooperation and exchange (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office) is the functional department and organization for the implementation of foreign policy,coordination of international exchange and cooperation affairs, management of foreign teachers and international students in Hunan University of Technology.

Our Office has actively carried out multi-channel, multi-level, all-round international cooperation and exchanges, signed cooperation and exchange agreements with a number of world-renowned universities, established a strategic partnership, through a variety of forms,to carry out international training of students. Every year, a large number of famous scholars come to school to teach, give lectures in a short time, carry

out scientific research cooperation or participate in academic conferences,visits and speeches. A large number of teachers and students are sent to the world every year to carry out international academic exchanges, and the number of foreign students studying in schools is increasing day by day. Extensive and close international cooperation and exchanges have promoted the construction and development of the school, enriched and activated the campus cultural atmosphere.

Main responsibilities include:

1. Draft a development plan for the international cooperation and exchange of Hunan University of Technology, provide policy consultation for staff and students, and organize and implement the policy;

2. Coordinating and providing information and liaison services for international teaching,research and international academic exchange of Hunan University of Technology;

3. Entrusted by superior departments, responsible for planning and implementation of major foreign affairs reception activities;

4. The overall management of the international universities exchange plan includes the formulation of the plan, the formulation of the agreement, the implementation of the exchange project and the tracking management and service of the operation;

5. Management of foreign students includes the development plans, enrollment and foreign affairs management; the planning and management of foreign teachers and experts;

6. Declaration and management of international cooperation projects, overseas talent recruitment project;

7. Employment, approval, foreign affairs management and life management of foreign cultural and educational experts;

8. Centralized management of international conferences;

9. Liaison, audit and approval of cooperative education;

10. The management of the staff and students going abroad temporarily and the handling of the formalities, certificates and photos;

11. Passport management of staff in Hunan University of Technology.

The Office of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs is located within the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,sharing office space with it.