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Advanced rail transportation equipment has been on the list of prior development strategy for country. Zhuzhou is building a “China Power Valley” with its outstanding advantages in the power industry such as rail transit and new energy vehicles. In order to meet the national major strategic requirements, integrating and serving the regional industry, the school teamed with CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. to jointly establish the School of Traffic Engineering to jointly develop innovative talents in transportation science and communications engineering related disciplines, and serve the regional economy.

The college currently has 42 faculty and staff members, including 7 professors, 20 doctors, 3 doctoral tutors, 14 master tutors. The college owns 2 leading talents with the national “10,000 Talents Plan”, and 3 “Special Allowance Experts” of the State Council. There are many 121 talents in the new century in Hunan Province as well as leading figures of Zhuzhou City in science and technology. Feng Jianghua, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, is appointed as vice president of the college. A number of corporate mentors also have been employed. The college is currently offering undergraduate and information engineering majors in electronic science and technology for integrated circuit design, extension of IGBT new power devices, and the most dynamic automotive electronics emerging industry. It is planning to establish transportation equipment and control engineering majors to cultivate advanced professional and technical personnel for the industry's application. The college recruits and trains graduate students in electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering and other disciplines. It has research directions in automotive electronics and appliances, high-power device applications, intelligent traffic information systems and equipment, fostering high-leveled innovative and engineering application talents.

The "Road Traffic Automation Technology and Equipment" Collaborative Innovation Center, which is an important research and innovation platform for the School of Transportation Engineering, was jointly established by Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou Institute of CRRC, Hunan University, and Zhuzhou Electric Automotive Technology. In July 2015, it was officially approved as Hunan Provincial Colleges and Universities “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” and has formally entered China’s Dynamic Valley Innovation Park in July 2016. In mid-December 2016, it was awarded the Excellent Grade. In the next five years, the center will build three major functional systems, including key generic technology research, public technology innovation services, and innovation and entrepreneurship training, forming three major technological innovation platforms: “electric traction, intelligent information, and green energy conservation”, gathering “new types of power devices and Ten high-level scientific research teams, such as "Application" and "Training Network Control". More than 120 people have entered the Power Valley team with more than 30 million investments on instruments and equipment, whose annual service capacity has included 100 companies.

The college also conducts cooperation with Zhuzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Zhuzhou Changhe Electric Locomotive Technology Co., Ltd., etc. to establish the "Zhuzhou Rail Transit Industry Technology Innovation and Service Platform", Hunan Province Science and Technology Innovation Platform, "Track Traffic Equipment Intelligent Detection" Zhuzhou Engineering Technology Research Centers and other provincial and municipal scientific research platforms. It also jointly establish Rail Transportation National Specialized Public Space, Provincial Collegiate Cooperation Pilot Project in Hunan Province, Hunan University Innovation Training Center, Hunan Provincial “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Bases” and other provincial-level personnel training platforms with China Dynamic Valley's independent innovation park . At the same time, a number of campus clusters for internal and external research, production, and research have been established by the college with Zhuzhou Institute of CRRC, the Zhuzhou National High-tech Zone, and the Hunan Delong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute.

In recent years, the college has undertaken 5 key special projects such as the National Technological Invention Award, Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award as well as 6 national technological awards from China Packaging Federation. It has also participated in the research and development of new products and drafting of national standards, which are nearly 10 programs. The college was granted 16 invention patents. What’s more, it has participated in the development of the 13th Five-Year Development Plan for Zhuzhou Rail Transit Equipment Industry, the 13th Five-Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development Strategic Planning of Zhuzhou City, and undertaken “EDA Technologies” and other countries” The 13th "Five-Year Plan" textbooks , providing strong support for the cultivation of innovative talents.

In the future, the college will base itself on the needs of talented people in the Zhuzhou Rail Transit, New Energy Vehicle, General Aviation and other three large-scale 100 billion industrial clusters, incorporating the advantages of local governments, enterprises, and regional clusters, jointly establishing industrial common technology research and development bases, clustering the development of guidance bases for innovative and entrepreneur talents, and cultivating application-oriented senior technical talents with innovative spirit and practical ability.