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College of Science and Technology HUT was approved by the Ministry of Education and Hunan Provincial People’s Government and founded in 2001. With a new system and a new module, it is one of the first officially accepted independent colleges by the Ministry of Education. After being merged into Hunan University of Technology, the campus of Hunan Urban Construction College was used as campus of College of Science and Technology HUT (south campus) in June 2002. College of Science and Technology HUT started to run independently. Hunan University of Technology merged with Hunan Finance and Accounting College in August, 2004. All assets of this college are used and administrated by College of Science and Technology HUT. Since the movement of Hunan University of Technology to the new campus in June 2010, College of Science and Technology HUT moved to the original campus of HUT.

Our college adheres to market orientation and meets the need of Hunan new-type industrialization, “two-type” social construction in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan and elites in packaging industry. Based on the advantage of disciplines and school conditions of HUT, Our college has been strengthening specialty construction. At present, there are 25 undergraduate professions which put on record by the Ministry of Education. It ranges seven disciplines from engineering, literature, economics, management, law, art to education and enrolls new students from 19 provinces (cities, districts) of China. There are about 6,000 full-time students currently.

At present, College of Science and Technology HUT has three campuses: the original campus of HUT, south campus and north campus. The campus covers a total area of 836mu(about 55.7 hectares) and the total value of fixed assets is 79.13 million Yuan. It has established some professional laboratories, computer rooms, language labs and other laboratories. The total value of teaching equipment is 40.13 million yuan. The college library has a total collection of around 650 thousand cataloged volumes. Our college has set up a number of stable out-campus practice bases. Among them, Huangshan ancient village sketch teaching base, Changde Jinpeng Government Printing Co., Ltd. teaching base and Zhuzhou Lei Da Shi School teaching base were named the provincial excellent off-campus practice base.

Our college has established 5 teaching departments including the art design, packaging and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical information engineering, economic management and grammar teaching. Meanwhile, It has set up 11 administrative agencies. They are Party affairs office, teaching affairs office, Student affairs office, Youth League Committee, community working Group, General Affairs Department, Security department, Admission and Employment Center and Workers’ Union. Furthermore, it owns three teaching and learning institutions. They are Experimental Center, Library, Skills Training Center. It has more than 190 faculty members, of whom 9 teachers are professors, 41 teachers are associate professors and more than 100 teachers hold doctoral or master’s degrees.

Currently, we already have an independent campus and set up several management agencies for our teachers and students. They are teachingaffairs agency, student management agency, a library, logistics and 5 teaching departments. It also owns some professional laboratories, computer rooms, language labs, practice teaching bases, and other school facilities. We have set up our individual faculties. Except for sharing with HUT some teachers, laboratories, library materials, sports venues and sports facilities, we basically run the college independently.

Under the guidance of talent training objectives of solid foundation, good quality and strong ability, our college focuses on cultivating students' practical ability, innovation ability and skill quality. Students have won prizes many times in National Student Electronic Design Competition, National College Students Advertising Art Design Competition, Hunan Provincial ACM Programming Contest, National College English Speech Competition and many other professional competitions. The college has delivered more than 15,000 qualified graduates to society within 10 years. Graduates have been highly praised by employers for their integrated skills, solid specialized foundation, hands-on practical ability and good adaptability.

Adhering to our school motto “strive for virtue and knowledge, keep harmony in diversity” and enhancing our school spirits “understanding virtue, mastering profession, pursuing truth, innovation”, our college constantly stick to our school philosophy “building colleges with high quality, strengthening colleges with talented personnel, booming colleges with specialties, supervising colleges with harmony”. It highlights the core task of talent cultivation. With the correct leadership of the party committee and the great support of school departments, relying on the high quality education and teaching resources of HUT, all the faculty work together to reinforce teaching construction, promote the teaching and learning reform, and advance the quality of personnel training under the guidance of Scientific Development Concept. Through 10 years’ efforts, College of Science and Technology HUT has developed out of nothing, experiencing from small to big, from weak to strong and has won great achievements in the improvement of teaching infrastructure, teaching quality supervision and management standardization. The conditions for running schools have been gradually improved, and the qualities of teaching and personnel training have been steadily enhanced. The level and the efficiency of running schools have been continuously consolidated, ensuring the stability and sustainable development of the college.