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As the only Chinese school which features packaging design, School of Package & Art Design is not only an education center but also a design center as well as a research center. Integrated basic art education with packaging design, the school now provides 9 directions, such as product design and visual communication etc. in undergraduate education and 12 directions ranging three disciplines—study of design, study of fine arts, art design— in postgraduate education.

In the college there are 136 full-time teachers, including 21 professors, 40 associate professors. Among them,15 teachers are with doctoral degree and 64 with master degree.What’s more, 2 teachers are qualified as doctoral tutors and 30 as master tutors. In addition, quite a number of teachers won all kinds of honors both in the academic field or teaching field: there are 1 National Excellent Teacher ; 1 Hunan Famous Teacher ;1 winner of "121 Talent Project” of Hunan second level and 1 third level; 1 Hunan Academic Pioneer in art; 1winner of special government allowance of the State Council; 3 winners of Hunan artist sponsorship "Three Hundred Project "; 1 National Excellent Packaging Design Educator; 1 winner of Chinese Design; 1 winner of Contribution Award in Chinese Ceramic Art and Design; 1 Chinese Ceramic Art Master. Some teachers' works won 2 awards in World Star, the world's highest award sponsored by World Packaging Organization. Five fine art works were selected in the 12th National Art Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chinese Artists Association. These works undoubtedly represented the highest level of art creation in nearly five years since this exhibition is held every 5 years. In a word, the overall quality of teachers is in the leading level of China.

Therefore, the number of students who won all kinds of national, provincial competition awards each year is more than 200. Among them, 2 students who participated in their mentors' design project were awarded in World Star packaging design competition; 1 student won the championship of Student World Star which is sponsored by World Packaging Organization; 2 students were awarded in German Red Dot Design Award, also known as Oscar award in international industry design; 1 student won the championship in CCTV Network Model Contest.

Have been sticking to its feature for more than 30 years, the School of Packaging & Art Design is renowned for its elite teachers, which can be approved by its Provincial Excellent Teaching Team in packaging design, National Great CurriculumStructure Design and Manufacture of Containers, Provincial Excellent CoursesFundamentals of Packaging Design. Besides, it is equipped with state-level platform for research, such as Packaging & Art Design Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Hunan Research Base forTheory and Application of Modern Packaging Design, Hunan Product Design Center for Innovative Industrial Design, Packaging Design and Technology Center of China National Packaging Corporation. In recent years, the school have been concentrated on reduced packaging design and safety design and completed 7 national projects led by National Social Science Fund, National Art Fund; 5 projects by National Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education; more than 20 provincial research projects. The school also obtained more than 10 patents and published nearly 200 research papers.