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TheCollege of Music of HUT was established in March 2009. The college has 52 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 5 doctors. Among them, associate professors, MA or other higher degree teachers account for 86.54% of the total number. Some teachers with quality professional and teaching capability have certain influence in the subject field of Musician and Dance. Under the leadership of these teachers, the college has initially formed the faculty with top professional quality, reasonable age structure, strong scientific research ability and high teaching level.

The college has two undergraduate majors of Musicology and Dance Performance, and two master programs for Drama&Television Music Academic Degree and Art(music, dance) Professional Degree. Its multifunctional teaching building has a total area of more than 8000 square meters, fully equipped with teaching facilities of concert halls, recording studios, digital piano classrooms, MIDI music studios, dance rehearsal halls, multimedia classrooms, reading rooms, chorus classrooms, instrumental rehearsal rooms, etc.

For years, with our university motto of “Striving for Virtue and Knowledge, and Living in Harmony with Differences”, our university spirit of “Being virtuous, dedicated, realistic and innovative”and the concept of “strong base, perfect technique, and become versatility”, the college has developed teaching as its main body and scientific research and art practice as its two wings. It emphasizes cultural cultivation and highlights artistic practice. It signed 21 high-level personnel training bases with Hunan Song and Dance Theater Co. LTD, Hunan Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, Guangxi Song and Dance Theater, Kweichow Song and Dance Theater, Hunan People’s Art Center, etc. And has participated more than 200 provincial or municipal parties at professional occasions. For instance, the college was invited to attend the closing ceremony of the second International Film Festival of the Silk Road, which was a live broadcast on CCTV in September 2015.

The college organizes its students to participate in various academic and professional competitions, as well as art practical activities. Up to now, they have won more than 200 collective and individual prizes at or above provincial level, including 3 international awards, 10 national awards, more than 30 provincial first prizes and more than 40 provincial second prizes. Especially when the college participated the 4thHunan Ordinary Colleges and Universities Solo Performance Competition for undergraduate students majored in Music and Dance in November 2016, they gained 6 first prizes, sharing the two participating institutions who gained the most first prizes with Hunan Normal University. Hu Jianming, graduate student of the college, gained the golden prize of the folk style singing in the Hunan Division of the 11thChinese Golden Bell Award for Music in May 2017.

The college also encourages its faculty to participate in varieties of professional competitions at all levels. In recent years, professional teachers have attained more than 20 provincial or higher awards, and more than 30 of them have gained the title of “excellent provincial mentoring teacher”. For instance,Wang Yuxi, a young vocal teacher of the college, gained the third prize of Chinese Division in the Shihua Vocal Competition in 2014 and the third prize of men’s aria group in the Chuncheon International Vocal Competition, Korea. Teacher He Ningbo gained “the best command award” in the chorus performance in the National Grand Theatre in September 2015. Young teacher Wang Yuxi and his student Nie Lei respectively gained the honorable mentions in the bel conto group for teachers and graduate students of 5thPeacock Prize for National Art Colleges Competition for Vocal in July 2016. Young teacher Tang Chuyin participated the International Chinese Competition(Singapore) in July 2016 and gained the golden prize for piano solo. Teacher Long Huayun gained “five ones project awards” of Hunan province, the golden prize of Hunan Art Festival and Tian Han’s Awards for musical composition.

The college holds the concept “promoting teaching quality by scientific research and driving scientific research by teaching”. Recent years, the college teachers have published 298 academic papers on various publications at all levels, including 42 on authoritative journals, core journals and national journals. Among them, a total of 79 academic and scientific research projects has been declared at all levels, with 27 provincial and ministerial subjects, 21 monographs and textbooks, and 27 papers and works received national awards. Thereinto, the bookMusic Appreciationby Dean Yu Lanying was rated as the 2ndexcellent popular social-science book in Hunan province; the songsXiangjiangfangeandQingyunxiangjiangrespectively received the second prize in the National New Songs Competition for the celebration of 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC; the monographA Preliminary Theory of the Artistic Representation of Ethnic Music in Xiangxiby teacher Shu Da received the second prize of The 11thPhilosophy and Social Science Award for Outstanding Achievements in Zhuzhou.