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A Brief Introduction to Mechanical Engineering College

As one of the early-established colleges granted with master's degree authorization in our school (authorized to grant master degree “Machine Design and Theory” in 2003), Mechanical Engineering College descended from mechanical manufacturing of Electromechanic Engineering Department founded by former Zhuzhou Basic University in 1979. After nearly 40 years of development, the college has undertaken the undergraduate teaching of four majors: mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (national characteristic specialty), material shaping and control engineering (provincial characteristic specialty), mechanical engineering and automation, and industrial design (provincial characteristic specialty). There are seven teaching branches to be covered: Department of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Department of Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Teaching Department of Mechanical Basic Course, Mechanical CAD/CAM Center, Laboratory (including provincial excellent metalworking practice center, provincial basic model laboratory, etc). Furthermore, this college has been granted with the authorization of four sub-disciplinary master’s degree and one professional master’s degree. It establishes Hunan metallurgy material transport equipment engineering research center and participates in investing provincial collaborative innovation center “Advanced Packaging Materials and Technologies” ; 1 provincial science and technology innovation group, 1 provincial preeminent teaching team, and 1 graduates’ innovation platform of Hunan province. Currently, the college possesses an experiment room up to 2,200 square meters, more than 1,000 various of scientific instruments worth of over 20 million yuan as well as a superb environment for teaching, scientific research and personnel training.

Currently there are 110 employees on the teaching staff, among whom 2 experts enjoy special government subsidy, 1 doctoral supervisor, 21 master supervisors, 32 professors and 27 associate professors. Among teachers, there are 24 doctors (including Ph.D candidates) and 51 graduates. Nowadays, the college has gradually established a packaging machine oriented academic team with multi-disciplinary coordinated development. A team of high-qualified full-time counselors and class advisers has taken shape, with 5 members granted with the qualification of national psychological consultants, so as to better emphasize students’ ideological education and personal growth.

In recent years, the college has successfully applied for more than 10 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Funds, 40 of which are above provincial level, and 20 kinds of crosswise tasks, with total scientific research funds over 19 million yuan; over 130 SCI/EI papers have been published, 40 patents authorized and 3 science and technology prizes which are above provincial level awarded. On top of that, more achievements made by the college include 2 teaching awards, and 6 teaching reform projects, with more than 10 planning textbooks and monographes above provincial level published as the result of its intensified educational reform.

Persisting in educational philosophy of “enhancing morality for fostering talents with human orientation” and inheriting the craftsmen’s spirit “concentration and perseverance; strive for excellence”and academic tradition, the college has been committed to making breakthroughs. Currently, more than 2,600 undergraduates and 60 postgraduates are studying there where average disposable employment rate of graduates is up to 90%, contributing thousands of excellent graduates to various fields of the country and society.

A Brief introduction to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department owns 22 teachers, of which are 11 professors, 8 associate professors, 3 lecturers. 11 teachers have obtained doctor’s degree and 1 expert enjoys special State Council subsidy.

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department has been authorized a school-level key speciality since 1993, a provincial characteristic speciality since 2008, and a national characteristic speciality since 2009. The department enjoys two master programs -- machine design and theory, mechanical manufacturing and automation.

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is a comprehensive technical disciplinary which studies company management on the design, manufacturing, operation control and production process of machinery and electromechanic products. Based on mechanical design and manufacturing, this major has integrated computer science with auto-control technology, committing to solving complex technical problems in modern engineering field with advanced theories and methods of design and manufacturing technology so as to realize intelligent design and manufacturing.

The major includes Packaging Mechanical Design and Automation, and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. Based on the professional background of packaging machine, Packaging Mechanical Design and Automation is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and techniques in Packaging Mechanical Design and Control Engineering with an aim to solve problems related to general machinery, especially those concerning technological problems of related design and manufacturing in packaging mechanical field. What’s more, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation specialized in such fields as Mechanical Design and Packaging Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering and Production Systematic Technology, striving to tackle complex technological problems in modern manufacturing engineering and improve application ability of advanced processing technology and control engineering.

The educational objective is to meet the demand of socio-economic development and scientific technology advancement and to cultivate professional applied advanced engineering technicians qualified for mechanical design and manufacturing, technological development, applied research and operational management in packaging mechanical automation field, as well as with a strong innovative spirit and a sense of team cooperation.

The educational requirement is that a qualified graduate student should be equipped with both an abundance of knowledge, including both solid basic knowledge about Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, as well as a professional knowledge about Engineering Drawing, Electrotechnics, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Electromechanical Control Technology, Mechanical Engineering Testing Technology, Packaging Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing Equipment Design, Packaging Process and Equipment, and a range of capabilities, including practical capabilities of Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing and Packaging Machine and Automation, preliminary development ability of scientific research and technology, and self-study ability and innovative spirit.

A Brief Introduction to Mechanical CAD/CAM Center

Ever since its establishment in 2005, Mechanical CAD/CAM Center has been mainly used for control and computer experiment and teaching of Mechanical Department. As one of public platforms for CAD software practical teaching as well as CAD/CAM practical teaching and performance training basement, it serves for supercomputers all over the school. There are 3 professional teachers and 1 administrator, among whom 3 get 3DsMax qualification and 1 has Pro/E qualification. A well-established management system has been applied to practical teaching, site, device and so forth, supplemented with integrated teaching model of theory and practice to both enhance students’ operative skills and their proficiency in Numerical Control, Mould Design and Manufacturing, Engineering Design, Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing with CAD technology application.