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The College of Marxism, which became a key discipline of Hunan University of Technology (hereafter abbreviated as HUT) in 2011,undertakes the construction of the Marxist theory discipline to serve the teaching and research of ideological and political theory courses. With 11 professors, 30 associate professors, 9 doctors, and 42 masters, the college has formed a reasonably-structured academic team, the main body being young and middle-aged . There are many teachers of some distinction in the college. One has been awarded the title of “The Junior Eminent Scholar in Ideological and Political Education” by the Ministry of Education. Another has been selected as a provincial leading scholar of the discipline, and three more young key teachers of Hunan Province. In addition, one has won financial support from the province for his ideological and political theory course. Another two have been selected as excellent scholars in Social Science by Zhuzhou City. There are also three teachers awarded the title of “Junior Key Teachers” by HUT, and another one the title of “The Teaching Star of HUT”.The college has produced remarkable achievements since 2011.The approved and in-progress research projects include 1 national-level project, 58 provincial-level projects, 81 city-level projects, and 7 crosswise projects. Eleven academic monographs and 1 textbook (including a book for teachers’ reference) have been put in print, and more than 100 papers have been published in domestic core journals. Furthermore, five provincial awards have been won, which consist of Hunan Research Award for Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science (3rdprize), ,Hunan Higher Education Award for Achievements in Teaching (2nd&3rdprizes), Hunan Provincial Award for Scientific Research in Education (1stprize), and the top grade of Hunan Provincial Appraisal of Social Science Achievements . In addition, there are 2 first prizes of Zhuzhou Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award, and 27 other awards.

This discipline has two provincial research bases: HUT Base of Hunan Provincial Research Center for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Hunan Ideological and Political Work Research Base, and one university-level base for postgraduate training and innovation —The Cultural Research Base for Marxist Harmonious Community and one institute, that is, The Institute of Eastern Hunan History and Culture. The HUT base of Hunan Provincial Research Center for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is a non-substantial research institution, which is responsible for organizing and mobilizing the backbone members and special research teams of the base to carry out research on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Relying on the strong Marxist theory teaching and research strength of HUT, the base focuses on basic theoretical research, and emphasizes the combination of Marxist theory with the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the exploration of new research fields, thus displaying its discipline advantages and distinctive characteristics. In November 2010, the Marxist College and Zhuzhou Huachen Property Co., Ltd. jointly established a postgraduate training and innovation base, i.e. The Cultural Research Base for Marxist Harmonious Community, which has been approved as a school-level training innovation base. During the construction period, the base, centering on the goal of training quality-oriented postgraduate students, and the integration of theory with practice, has made periodic achievements in its many research projects. Hunan Ideological and Political Work Research Base,, approved in 2014,is currently composed of 15 researchers. In the past two years, the base has completed 2 provincial-level projects, published 2 monographs and 5 national-level papers, and thus received a high appraisal and authorization from the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department.. The Institute of Eastern Hunan History and Culture mainly studies the history and culture of eastern Hunan province. Since its establishment, the Institute has initiated many projects on the history and culture of eastern Hunan, and made some achievements, which are beneficial for the exploration of the local natural resources, cultural resources, and human resources.