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College of Literature and JournalismofHUT was established in 1984. After many years of development and growth, now it has become a competitive college with experienced teachers and multidisciplinary.

There are 68 full-time teachers in the College, of which 16 are professors and 22 associate professors, 12 Ph. D., 4 Young Backbone Teachers in Hunan Province, 1 from teaching experts in young teachers in Hunan Province and 11 master tutors.

At present,theCollege is able to authorize a master degree in the field of drama, film and television, and master degree in radio and television science. The College has 4 undergraduate majors in Chinese language literature, advertisement, news and drama film and television, among which the advertising profession is the key discipline of“the11th-Five Year”in Hunan Province, the Chinese language literature and the news communication are the key disciplines of“the12th-Five Year”in HUT.TheCollege has built“Zhuzhou Video Theory, Production and Dissemination of Engineering Technology Center on Science”,“Packaging Science and Video Production Center”,“Xiangdong (Yan Di) Cultural Research Center”and other scientific research basesat provincial level.

Relying on the above-mentioned disciplines and platform construction, teachers have obtained rich scientific research achievements. In the past 5 years,theCollege undertook more than 100 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, of which 7 national social science foundations, 40 provincial and ministerial-level foundation projects, and published 300 articles of core academic publications, 20 professional academic monographs, translations, andithas received various awards.

The College has set up the Department of Advertising, Journalism, Chinese Department, Chinese Teaching Department, Ethics and Moral Education Research Institute, Putonghua Training and Testing Station and Chinese Training Center.The College has established“Hunan Modern Communication Technology Demonstration Test Center”equivalent to value of more than 3 million yuan.TheCollege has 12 off-campus internship bases, of which Zhuzhou Television Station marks excellent off-campus internship base in Hunan Province. The College has a total collection of 10,000 volumes, 81 newspapers and periodicals.

The training of College talents is distinctive. Guided by the ideology of“strong foundation, heavy practice and wide caliber”,theCollege specializes training proposal for each major and positions distinctively according to real demand of the job market. For example, advertising positioning for the“advertisement and marketing planning”, journalism“news and publicity”, Chinese language and literature“teacher education and senior clerical training”.Students boast comprehensive quality and innovative ability especially students from the advertising department, they have won the grand prize in the National College Student Advertising Art Contest for many times. Andgraduates arealsofavored by companies.

Along the Xiangjiang River, College of Literature and Journalism in Hunan University of Technology will continue to grow and prosper on this land of talents, the hometown of Yan Di Emperor. Exciting opportunities are waiting ahead along withthemodern media development.