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TheCollege of Law isa key member of theHunan University of Technologyteam.Its2000predecessor,the Zhuzhou Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Law, was expanded into and renamed the College of Law inDecember 2006.Itwas authorized to grantmaster’sdegreesin the first-leveldisciplineof lawin 2010.Thecurrent deanisProfessor Chen Xiong.

The collegeconsists of two academic departments, i.e., theDepartment ofTheoreticalStudies of Law andthe Department ofAppliedLegal Studies, as well as two affiliates, i.e., theCenter forLaw and CultureStudies andtheLegalAidCenter.Itsmootcourt and law libraryare both among the bestin Hunan Province.

Thecollegehas an enrollment of above600 full-time undergraduates.Since its inception in 2000, the college has admitted53 classes of students.It boastsastrong faculty team composed of17 professors, 26 associate professors, 12 teachers with doctoral degreesas well as a couple of distinguished lawyers. We attach great importance to academic exchangesand often invitewell-known legalexpertsandscholars, senior judgesandprosecutors,andexperiencedlawyersto give lectures. Meanwhile, it has established project cooperation and academic exchangerelations with many other law schools.

The undergraduate program is intended to let the law majors become high-quality compound talents,whoare equipped withthe basic theoriesofthelaw,familiar with thelegal system of China as well as the guidelines and policies of the Party, and capable ofutilizinglegalknowledge to solve practical problems and handlinglegal affairs.The curriculum, therefore, comprises not onlythe 15corecoursesrequiredby the Ministry of Education, butmore than 40 specialized elective courses.In addition,various kinds ofsocialactivities,such asproceedings observation, legalcounseling,legalpublicity, moot court, prisontourand social investigation, are arranged for the students.The college has matured its talent cultivation system after 16 years of development, which allows the college to rank among the best in Hunan Province.

Thanks to a long-term exploration,the college has graduallyfound out the path to characteristic school running, that is, having in mind the realities in college,keeping in sight the basic-level society, encouraging all-around development of the students, and cultivating grassroots legal professionals for the country. The vast majority of the collegegraduates,transfused intodepartments and agencies, political and legal affairs organs,law firms, corporate legal departments andeducational institutions, have been making a substantial contributionto the harmony,stability and development ofthegrassroots society.