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College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Hunan University of Technology (hereafter HUT) is the organization of educational practice and scientific research on innovation and entrepreneurship, which was founded in July 2006,.according to the document of HUT “On Further Deepening the Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education”, with the purpose of implementing the strategy of innovation -driven development. Its establishment was an answer tothe callfrom the Party and the Government for “business startups and innovation”

The college is to serve both the university and undergraduates for better development, whose philosophy is to support entrepreneurship by innovation and promote innovation by entrepreneurship. It is targeted at nurturing the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial consciousness and innovative ability of all the students, who are grouped based on their majors, with the focus on practice. With high -quality resources from the university, enterprises, as well as every walk of life, the college carries out a series of comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education activities,covering universal education, practical education and incubation education,to provide a platform for the students, and a supportive environment for the growth and incubation of innovative entrepreneurship project teams.

The college consists of four departments, including an administrative office, an education research office, an innovative competition center and an incubation center for entrepreneurship. Theadministrative office integrates educational resources, establishes multi-department innovation and entrepreneurship education management mechanism, and carries out the educational work on innovation and entrepreneurship, with the whole situation taken into account. The education research office draws up educational plans, conducts researches on innovation and entrepreneurship, develops educational curriculums, manages teachersteamsand their teaching, andorganizes educational and practical activities of innovation and entrepreneurship. The innovative competition center is to hold various university-wide academic competitions, innovative entrepreneurship competitions and innovation-and-entrepreneurship-themed campus cultural activities.. The incubation center for entrepreneurship is responsible for the construction and management of the business incubator for all the students.