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Founded in 2006, the Foreign Languages College of Hunan University of Technology is formed by a combination of three former Foreign Languages Departments of Zhuzhou Institute of Technology, Zhuzhou Teachers’ College as well as Hunan Metallurgical Professional Technology College respectively, which consists of three undergraduate majors---English, Translation and Japanese, and a master’s authorization center oriented in Foreign Lingusitics and Applied Linguistics. It has a total enrollment of over 900 full time undergraduate students and over 40 postgraduate students. Guided by the college’s philosophy of taking talents cultivation as the center and making discipline construction the leading element, it has obtained remarkable achievements in teaching, scientific research as well as serving the society as a whole. We have a Provincial Excellent Practice Base, a Provincial Excellent Teaching and Researching Section, a Translation Base for Packaging Researching Results and an Innovation Training Base for Graduate Students.

The College possesses an excellent faculty staff embodying first-class teaching capabilities, in-depth academic attainments, exquisite teaching skills and remarkable educating experiences. There are 150 faculties,including 9 professors, 10 doctors and over 30 teachers with overseas studying or visiting experiences. The college has teaching buildings of 12,000 square meters and 15 digital laboratories. Ample software systems, such as Translation Practice Software, Business English Training Platform, Corpus Resource System, Teaching Resources and Network Courses database for MTI Studies, Foreign Trade Practice Platform, along with Computer Aided Writing Teaching System are provided as teaching resources. Besides, more than 200 foreign and domestic Journals and over 100,000 paper books are offered in the College’s own reference room.

Headed by the Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, with the English Language and Literature as well as Japanese Language and Literature keeping going forward together, the Foreign Language and Literature Discipline in the college is focusing on academic team building and scientific researching construction, resulting in an academic echelon taking young and middle-aged backbone teachers as the principle part with a strong aftereffect for development and a constant flow of innovative spirit, and four research orientations--Foreign Language Study, Translation Study, Foreign Literature Study and Japanese Language and Literature Study -- were established soon afterwards. Keeping abreast of the International academic frontier and penetrating well with contextualism philosophy, we have developed our own research orientation with contextual characteristics and made symbolic achievements in this field. Centered on the “contexts”, one of the Hotspots and difficult parts of linguistics and its relevant disciplines, our discipline leader has concentrated on a long-term basis in researching the relations among context, language and translation, and pioneered the greatly influenced theory in academia, the Context Sphere Theory, which is significant in linguistics, translation, literature and culture studies, and beneficial to the converging researches in different fields and the formation of characteristic researching. With the jointed efforts of team members in inclusively characteristic studies, such as systematic reflection and integrated construction of context theory, analysis of the utterances in second language or foreign language classes, reflective criticism of “faithfulness” in translation, Studies on James Frazer, as well as exchanges and comparison on Chinese-Foreign Cultures, an ideological consensus of making contextual researching our core attention has been reached, and the accumulation of academic achievements of the college has already begun to take shape, which are jointly laying a solid foundation for the formation and construction of scientific research characteristics for the college.