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Brief Introduction to College of Electrical and Information Engineering

College of Electrical and Information Engineering is one of the earliest-established colleges in Hunan University of Technology (shorted as HUT below).After decades of development, it has become an important base for personnel training and research innovation in the field of electrical engineering in China. It is characterized with a distinctive school-running philosophy of “cultivating high-level personnel specialized in electrical information, and serving the local economy and the packaging industry”. The college has now set up the following teaching and administrative institutions: Department of Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Department of Instrument Science and Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Basic Teaching Department, Experimental Center, General Office, Academic Affairs Office, Academic Office. Currently, it undertakes the teaching of four undergraduate majors in Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, and Information Engineering Measurement and Control Technologies and Instruments. Among them, Automation has been granted as a National Characteristic Specialty and Key Construction Major at the provincial level, and Electronic Information Engineering has been approved as the Key Construction Major at the provincial level. The college offers a general specialty for masters in Electrical Engineering, a direction for masters in Control Theory and Control Engineering, and a major in Electrical Engineering for undergraduates. Among them, Electrical Engineering is a key discipline listed in Hunan Province's “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, which consists of four directions for masters in Electrical Appliances, Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission, Power System Automation, Electrical Theory and New Technology.

Currently the college offers 105 faculties, among which 4 are experts enjoying special government allowances, 2 are included in the New Century 121 Talents Project in Hunan province, 2 are academic leaders of Hunan province, 2 are scientific and technological talents of Zhuzhou City, 20 are professors and 26 are associate professors. There are 27 doctors, including 3 secondary professors from Hunan Province and 4 supervisors of doctors. They have an excellent teaching team at provincial level and national level, and a sci-tech innovation team in universities in Hunan Province. There is also one double-employed academician and four overseas part-time professors.

The faculty has made outstanding teaching and scientific research achievements. In the past three years, 48 government sponsored research programs above the provincial level have been approved, including 14 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and more than 10 crossing research projects, the funding for scientific research projects totals more than 30 million yuan, with 36 papers included in the database of SCI, 85 papers in the database of EI, 25 papers in the database of ISTP, 4 papers with a high reference rate in ESI, 2 papers ranked among 1% with a high reference rate in ESI; 12 monographs and textbooks published in science presses, etc. The faculty has also been awarded 5 progress prizes in science launched by the State Council, ministries of the State Council and the government of Hunan Province.

Currently, there are 2,597 undergraduates and 198 postgraduates pursuing their major study in this college. In order to improve the comprehensive quality of students and broaden their academic horizons, the college constantly accelerates academic exchange activities at home and abroad, and continuously develops models of training innovative talents. In recent years, it has established the Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for electrical information and the school-enterprise cooperative Talent Demonstration Base of electrical specialty in Hunan Province, Innovation Training Center for college students of electric automation major, Innovation Base for graduates on variable flow control and intelligent traffic. Besides, there are 3 excellent courses approved by the Education Department of Hunan Province and Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and the faculty has been awarded 8 prizes, including the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award and the first prize of the Hunan Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. The employment rate of graduates has been over 95%.