College of Continuing Education
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College of Continuing Education, an affiliated college of Hunan University of Technology(hereinafter referred to as HUT), is the department in charge of continuing education in HUT. At present, the college offers 3 different types of continuing education—adult higher education, full-time self-taught education, and vocational training and certification. Adult continuing education, composed of distance learning and night school, offers a variety of associate degree programs and Bachelor’s degree programs. The associate degree programs include artistic designing, accounting, engineering cost, marketing, heat treatment of metals, etc. And there are as many as 37 Bachelor’s degree programs available, ranging from packaging engineering, printing engineering, to artistic designing. Full-time self-taught education provides 6 Bachelor’s degree programs in packaging design, visual communication design, digit control, etc. Vocational training can provide job-specific technical training for work in 17 trades, such as lathe operation, CNC lathe operation, administrative assistance, human resource management, and e-commerce management.

In addition, the college has the qualification for conducting High Tech Information of National Computer Examination in 9 modules, such as office-software application, database, and computer-aided design.

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