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Since its establishment in 1981, School of Civil Engineering, HUT, has experienced a rapid development for more than 30 years, gradually growing into a teaching-based, research-oriented institute with an outstanding faculty, a comprehensive specialty set-up, as well as its striking achievements ever made in scientific research.

Subordinate teaching units of the institute include: Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Department of Urban Underground Engineering, Department of Engineering Management, Department of Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Department of Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, and Mechanics Department. Three undergraduate specialties are offered: Civil Engineering, Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering, and Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, with a current number of students reaching 3,000.

The first-class disciplines under the master’s degree program of Civil Engineering include 5 secondary disciplines: Geo-technical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering, Municipal Engineering, with more than current 80 graduates on campus. Civil Engineering, Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering are two specialties with unique characteristics in Hunan province, with the former one approved as a key provincial discipline in 2011.

The school currently has 86 members on its teaching staff, 15 of whom are professors, 33 with a doctor’s degree, 1 granted with the Special Allowance by the State Council, 3 nominated as provincial candidates (1 in the first rank, 2 in the second rank) for New Century 121 Talent Project, 1 ranking among leading talents in science and technology in Hunan province, 1 identified, in the third phase, as a candidate for National “Thousand Talents Plan” (Youth Program) sponsored by the Central Organization Department, 1 made Mater Teacher of provincial level, 1 Provincial Academic Leader and 1 more as Cultivation Candidate, 8 Young Elite Teachers and 1 Young Teaching Champion in Hunan province.

The school is well equipped with 8 special laboratories for students’ use (including both undergraduates and postgraduates): Civil Engineering Experiment Center, Structural Engineering Experiment Center, Building Environment and Energy Engineering Experiment Center, Mechanics Experiment Center, Municipal Engineering Laboratory, Workshop Laboratory, and Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory. Among them, Civil Engineering Experiment Center, as well as Building Environment and Energy Engineering Experiment Center are labeled as Jointly-Sponsored Laboratory with Characteristics and Advantages by the Central and Local Governments, covering a floor area of 6000 square meters, with the total value of all facilities reaching 36 million yuan.

Other hardware facilities include: Collaborative Innovation Center for Key Technologies of Building Energy Conservation and Environmental Control (Hunan Province, 2011), Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for New Materials for Building Energy Conservation, Research and Development Platform for Key Technologies and Equipment for Pollution Control of Integral Workshops, and Innovation Base for Postgraduates in Colleges and Universities, Hunan Province.

In recent years, teachers in our institute have undertaken 4 research projects funded by the “11th Five-Year” Plan and the “12th Five-Year” Plan, as well as 2 key projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Science and Technology Development Program, 1 major special project funded by the Ministry of Construction and 1 more by the Hunan Science and Technology Agency, more than 20 research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2 key projects of provincial and ministerial level, 15 projects by Hunan Natural Science Foundation, other 70 odd projects of provincial and ministerial level, and more than 200 horizontally-related projects or technical consultancy service projects. It has won the first prize of Hunan natural science once, and won the second and third place prize of scientific and technological progress at provincial and ministerial level more than time times.

Honor earned in recent years include: awarded the first prize of Hunan Natural Science Award, awarded 10 odd items the second or third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of provincial and ministerial level, awarded two items of the first prize and 5 items of the second or the third prize of Provincial Teaching Reform Achievement Award. There have been 206 research papers included in the citation databases of the Three Principal Indexes, and 15 academic monographs published these years.